How to Buy a Pearl Necklace

Published: 23rd July 2008
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Pearl necklace is one of the best gifts for any women. The price of pearl necklace depends on there color, size and which types of pearls you wants to add in your necklace means quality of


. The size of the pearl will affect the price. Bigger is better and they are also more expensive. Pearls are found in various colors so you should buy only that necklace which suits your body. Here are some tips for you to choose a pearl



Think about the type of pearl necklace that you want to purchase. There are various types of pearls on the market that vary from imitation pearls to lustrous pearls. Decide whether you want natural, cultured or imitation pearls. Keep in mind that imitation pearls are costume jewelry and are of very little value; natural pearls are almost impossible to find in stores and often aren't as high in quality as cultured pearls.

Decide which shape and coloring of the pearls you prefer .Examine pearl color, which can be white, yellow, black, gray or various other colors. Ask whether the color is natural or dyed; the latter is less expensive. More exotic natural colors are more expensive.

Browse online on different websites that sell pearl necklaces. It is critical to read the fine print. Sometimes online


sell imitation pearls when you are looking for cultured pearls.

Measure your neckline to confirm that you are purchasing the pearl necklace that fits around your neck. If you are buying the necklace as a gift, manage to find out the measurement of the gift recipient's neckline.

Turn the pearl in your hands to examine it from all angles. Color, shape, smoothness and luster all may vary within a single pearl. Roll a strand of pearls on a flat surface to test them for roundness' round


roll more smoothly and evenly.

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